Can I come for a visit?

You are welcome to come meet the horses, view our facility and visit with our instructor with no obligation. Just give us a call.

Do I need some experience with horses before I come?

No. We will guide you through getting to know the horse and understanding how he thinks. You will have an experienced professional instructor to help you each step of the way. It’s fun!

What should I wear?

We supply the horse, saddle, bridle and riding helmet. We recommend jeans and boots if you have them.

Is it true the horse knows if you are afraid?

Horses communicate with body language. They can sense your emotions but they will not react negatively to fear or anxiety. On the contrary, being with a horse will help calm that anxiety. Horses are great therapists!

Is it dangerous?

Horseback riding carries with it an element of the unknown. Horses are not machines, they are animals with their own minds and emotions. We go to great lengths to ensure rider safety but understand you assume an element of risk when you ride a horse. All riders will be asked to sign a liability waiver before riding.

P.S. Our riding instructor, Steven Dyer, has many years of experience teaching students to ride and communicate with horses. He has never had a student seriously injured.

How Much Does it cost?

Fee Schedule

All riders receive personalized help from our professional instructor.

  • 1 hour lesson: $50

  • One month of lessons. $175

Family Discount

  • First Family Member. $175

  • Second Family Member. $150

  • Third or more Family Members. $125

How can I pay?

We accept cash, checks on local banks, and Venmo. Payment is due before riding.